The choice of neighborhood is an increasingly important factor in the home buying process.
Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that you are looking for in a prospective home, making it essential to not only have the details of a potential new home, but also the neighborhood in which it is located and where you may eventually live.
Considerations such as local schools, amenities, transportation, traffic, crime rates, weather, and the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your lifestyle.
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VERO BEACH, FLA.—You can order Gloria Estefan’s ropa vieja at either end of an hour-and-a-half drive on I-95, but only in Vero Beach does it come with a side dish of an uncrowded, white sand beach.

Estefan and her husband, music producer Emilio, opened Costa d’Este, a 1950s-style beach hotel and restaurant, in 2008 in this beach town off the most well-trodden tourist trail.

Although the Estefans own several Miami-area restaurants, only in Vero can diners also experience the kind of unspoiled beach town even Florida residents always hope to find and rarely do.

Think of Vero (as the locals diminutize the name) as the antidote to Miami Beach madness.

Sophisticated but eco-conscious, high-end yet homey, this once-snoozy Indian River County town of citrus barons and Waspy retirees began adding a touch of gloss to its sandy facade around the time the Estefans arrived.